WarCraft III Maps

By Antistone


Assorted Maps

Various maps which I have created for WarCraft III.


Dominion TD

Current Version: Beta 5

A competitive tower defense map inspired by the Dominion card game, Dominion TD challenges players to build the best defense by building the best deck of cards.  Purchasing the right cards will allow you to improve your economy, deploy more effective towers, and trigger a variety of other effects.  The set of cards available changes every time you play; try to find the most efficient path to victory!


with QuickSmuggler, theCHUNK, and Shvegait

Current Version:  Beta 1

Delvers is a cooperative puzzle map.  Up to four players must work their way through a labyrinthine dungeon filled with fiendish puzzles, and find clever ways to manipulate an assortment of tools and devices to reach the exit of each level.  Keep an eye out for secrets along the way...

Created as part of Clan TDG's 2008 Mapathon.

"Poor fools..."



Current Version: 1.4.1

Happyville is home to happy people.  They think happy thoughts and wear happy smiles as they go about their happy lives.  However, Happyville has fallen under threat from some characters who are distinctly...UN-happy!  Either track down the unhappy in your midst and eliminate the threat...or play as one of the unhappy trying to wipe out Happyville.

"Are YOU happy?"


Runes of Power

Current Version: 1.5

Control Resurrection Stones to revive more quickly, capture Runes of Power to make your team more formidable, and destroy the enemy Altar to win the round!  Customize your hero with your choice of dozens of skills and upgrades.  Play with new, auto-balanced teams every round.


Tower Tournament

Current Version: 3.0
Blizzard Spotlight Map on May 12, 2006

Engineer a maze of towers to inflict the maximum punishment on the waves of enemies who run through using a variety of simple but specialized towers in different locations.  Try to score more hits than the other players, or just try to make par for the wave.

"Par for this wave is 21,786."


Fantasy Tactics

Current Version: Alpha Build 22

Combine skills from a plethora of different classes to battle an endless stream of monsters. Defeat them quickly to press the enemy team, be the last standing to win!


Fields of Stained Snow
Just released!  Web page still under development. Download here.

Current Version: Beta 0.4

Many AoS maps are all about farming gold and XP, buffing up your hero, and killing enemy heroes.  Fields of Stained Snow instead emphasizes large-scale strategy and territory control.  Capture strong points around the map and hold them to provide benefits to your team.  Turn the tide of battle with powerful area skills that can affect entire armies at once.  One player on each team acts as the team's General, and controls what computer units spawn in which lanes.



Current Version: 3.4

Control the VIP, one of his bodyguards, or one of the assassins trying to kill him as he makes a desperate dash to the way gate. Eleven original heroes, each with five unique abilities.

"No matter where you go, there you die."



Current Version: Beta 0.8

Goblin sappers stream out of each player's circle of power to attack the other players. Build towers and control your hero to defend your circle and obstruct your opponents' defenses.  Survive the longest to win.  As the game goes on, everything becomes faster and more deadly and more chaotic until you are left with...pandemonium!

"I bring...pandemonium!"


Tower Runners
Sorry, no web page. Download here.

Current Version: Beta 0.4

Play as the other side in a tower defense--the runners! Upgrade your runners, take control of them, and make a mad dash through a huge array of enemy towers. Supports 1-9 allied players.

"Teamwork...Valor...High Mortality Rate..."



Blizzard Contest Maps

These maps were made specifically for Blizzard-sponsored contests.


Betrayal in the Dark Wood

Current Version: 1.0

A group of heroes venture into the Dark Wood on All Hallows' Eve, searching for the source of the evil which has been disturbing the woods and nearby homesteads.  However, the evil is not simply waiting to be found, and in the coming clash, one of the heroes will turn traitor.  Map generates a random layout and selects a random "haunt" each game, so the map is different each time you play.

Developed for the Blizzard Halloween Map Contest, deadline October 20, 2006.


Download here.

Current Version: 1.0

"Soccer of the Magi."  Up to ten players form two teams and struggle to control the etherball long enough to send it into the enemy team's goal.  Select from an assortment of talents and skills to give yourself the edge you need to outmaneuver the enemy team.

Developed for the Blizzard Sports Map Contest, deadline July 16, 2006.  This map received an "honorable mention" in the contest.



Mapathon Contest Maps

The following were originally created for a Mapathon Contest hosted by Clan TDG.  Contest terms required maps be made within a 48-hour window and be somehow related to a key word announced at the start of the contest window.


Phantom's Rest
Contest ending: 5/27/07
Contest Version (final version judged)
Contest Version with bug fixes

Bring stability to Phantom's Rest by constructing a network of buildings to defend the Nether Converter from the Phantoms and keep it connected to at least one Linking Stone until it can stabilize the nether currents.  Energy generated by the Nether Converter can be distributed to other buildings to sustain their various functions.  1-6 players, cooperative.

This map was declared the "runner up" out of 7 submissions.



Speed Contest Maps

The following were originally created as submissions for a speed mapping contest hosted by Clan MoMM.  Contest terms required maps be made within a 24-hour window and conform to special restrictions announced at the start of the contest window.


The Nether Gate
Download here.

Two teams compete for control of the Nether Gate.  Either team of Raiders gains points as long as they control the Gate, and a bonus for controlling it when the map ends.  The Guardian Ghosts want the Gate to change control as little as possible, and gain points more quickly the longer one team has controlled it (doesn't matter which team).


Flag Envy
Speed contest version here.  A revised version I made later can be downloaded here.

Grab the flag and hold it for as long as possible. If anyone else gets the flag, attack them to steal it. Gain points while you hold the flag, and a bonus if you hold it at the end of the game.





Current Version: 1.0

This is an engine for creating custom "save codes", or passwords, for storing information.  The basic idea is that the game displays a string to the player, which the player must write down and type in (as a chat message) in the next game to load the appropriate information.  This engine is designed to be very easy to customize, and is designed primarily for saving heroes, but it can be used for save other things, as well.



Notes and Writings


Strength, Agility, Intelligence: Balancing the Triumvirate

Discusses the relative strength of the standard hero attributes in different contexts.


Tower Defense Strategy & Design

Discusses the design options and strategic elements of a tower design map considering when and to what extent they are useful.  Intended primarily to aid in the design or revision of a tower defense map.



A more general essay addressing the use of randomness in games for balance and content.


Strange Results in the World Editor

A catalog of some of the stranger and more perplexing problems known to occur when playing custom maps created in the WarCraft III World Editor, and their known causes.


Top Ten Balance Illogics

Rationalizations not to use...


Drawing Board

The following are notes on some ideas I have had for WarCraft III maps which I am unlikely to use myself any time in the foreseeable future (that is, I have several other maps that I'm more interested in making, and so they'll get priority when I have time to make them).  Anyone may feel free to implement any of these ideas,