WarCraft III Maps by Antistone


Defend your circle of power; obstruct your opponents defenses.

Level up your hero and collect items.

The sappers come faster and faster; more and more portals and wormholes appear.

Everything accelerates until there is...PANDEMONIUM!


Pandemonium is a WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne scenario map wherein each player constructs towers and controls their hero to ensure that they survive longer than their opponents.  Goblin sappers attack each circle of power continuously, growing faster and faster until only the most skilled player can keep up and the others perish.

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Current Map Version: Beta 0.8
Best played with 2-4 players
Requires WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne 1.17 or later to play


Defend your circle of power against the goblin sappers as they come faster and faster throughout the game

React quickly to an array of random events to maintain your position

Use your peasants, magisters, and wisp to construct an assortment of strategic defenses

Use your hero to supplement your defenses and harass your opponents with spells like Serpent Wards, Cloud, and Death and Decay

Utilize fountains of mana to greatly increase the frequency with which your hero and towers can cast magic

Use specialty towers with abilities like Starfall, Tranquility, and Starlight Shield to turn the tide against your opponents


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