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Betrayal in the Dark Wood

They say that restless spirits and dark creatures of the forest stir on All Hallows' Eve. Eerie sounds and spectral visions lurk in the shadows. The forest is not safe on this night.

Heroes, you must venture into the forest and seek out the source of the evil, that you may put an end to it.

But beware...evil may also be seeking you.


Betrayal in the Dark Wood WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne custom map, set in the ominous Dark Wood on All Hallows' Eve.  Each player must choose a hero and explore the wood.  You may witness many strange and frightening events.

At some point, one of the players turns Traitor, and the Haunt begins.  There are several possible Haunts (one is selected at random), and the victory conditions, as well as the powers of the Traitor, vary depending on the Haunt.

Current Map Version: TDG Mapathon 2008
TDG Mapathon Version (2008)
Blizzard Contest Version (2006)
For 4-6 players
Requires WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne to play

This map features a random terrain generation algorithm which ensures you'll have an entirely new forest to explore each time you play.  Originally developed for Blizzard's 2006 Halloween Mapping Contest.

I've also assembled an editing guide for the Clan TDG 2008 Mapathon.

This map is inspired by the board game Betrayal at House on the Hill.  You may also be interested in custom scenarios I created for that board game.


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