Custom Haunts for Betrayal at House on the Hill
by Jeremy Lennert

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a great board game from Avalon Hill (now Wizards of the Coast), one of the most notable features of which is the plot twist that occurs mid-game, when various conditions activate one of 50 different "Haunts," each with their own special rules and victory conditions.

Fifty is a substantial number, but you can always use a few more.  Thus, I have taken to writing my own additional Haunts.  These can be played when you're finished with the original 50, or mixed in at any time for extra spice.  The development of the original 50 Haunts was apparently rather rushed, so I can even say without (too much) hubris that you may even like mine better than some of the ones that come with the game.  You won't know until you try them.

So far, I've written twenty new Haunts.  They haven't all been thoroughly play-tested (that can take a while), but the more you play them and send me feedback, the faster that can change.  You can read more about how to use these Haunts, or just download the files you'll need at the right.

Downloads (Updated December 10, 2009)
Version 2.1 (includes Haunts #51-70)

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A reference sheet with a bunch of data about the game (list of rooms, list of cards, various calculated probabilities).  Useful in designing Haunts.

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