WarCraft III Maps by Antistone

Dominion TD


Dominion TD is a competitive tower defense map inspired by theDominion card game.  Each player has a deck of cards that allow them to acquire gold, build towers, or trigger various special effects.  Each hand, a player can construct a new building to improve his defenses, and can also purchase new cards to improve his deck.  By building better defenses and killing more runners than the other players, you can steal lives from them, and eventually win the game.  By buying better cards, you can improve your economy, gain access to more and better towers, and build up faster than your opponents.

The set of cards available is different each game, so ever-changing strategies are required for success.


Current Map Version: Beta 5
For 1-6 Players*
Requires WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne to play

*There is no meaningful scoring in a one-player game, but you can still try things out and experiment with different strategies.

The cardinal rule of Dominion TD is that you don't care about the total power of your cards, but the average power of your cards, because you can recycle your deck as many times as you want without penalty.  Don't buy too many weak cards or you won't be able to draw your strong ones when you need them.  Often, it's even a good idea to destroy your weaker cards if you can, so that you'll draw your remaining cards more frequently.  You need to construct an efficient deck, not a big one.

Card List

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