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The VIP is in danger. His enemies have sent assassins to slay him. Even now, they close in around him...

His only hope is to escape through the way gate, but already his would-be killers lie in wait along the path to sanctuary.

His loyal bodyguards are the only things standing between him and a knife in the back, and they can only do so much...


Hunted is a WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne scenario map wherein each player assumes the role of the VIP, a bodyguard, or an assassin and controls one hero directed towards a single task.  The game is divided into rounds, and each round ends after the VIP either escapes or is killed. At the end of a round, all fallen heroes are revived, all players are returned to their respective starting locations, and all heroes go up one level.

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Current Map Version: 3.4
Best played with 6-12 players
(with number of Bodyguards+VIP = number of Assassins)
Requires WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne 1.17 or later to play

Current Map Version: 3.3

Alternate "Forest" version of the Hunted map.
Same heroes, new locale.

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There are eleven original heroes in this map, each with five unique skills. Bodyguards and assassins each choose one of eight heroes to play at the start of the map. The playable heroes are:

Guardian Assassin
Sentinel Sniper
Berserker Druid
Conjurer Priestess
Scout Engineer

No matter where you go, there you die.

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Changes in Version 3.4:

Changes in Version 3.3:


Changes in Version 3.2:


Changes in Version 3.1:


Changes in Version 3.0:


Changes in Version 2.3:

Epic Level Notes (2.3):

With the recently-added ability to begin at high levels, it has come to light that the map may not be as well balanced at very high levels as at low levels. This patch introduces some changes designed to begin to balance high levels. Please be aware that playing at low levels is still the recommended mode.

Some notes on high-level play:

Many heroes have the opportunity to reach extreme levels of specialization. Counters become very important: quickly destroying healing wards, detecting invisible ambushes, disabling or blocking enemy powers with banish, mystic veil, and silence, and other countermeasures can easily determine the outcome of a fight. Team composition and skill point distribution should be chosen carefully.

Epic level play is only recommended for veteran players who are prepared to work together as a team....or for people who just want to goof off and have fun with epic level abilities without worrying about balance.


Changes in Version 2.2:


Changes in Version 2.1.1:


Cumulative Changes in Version 2.1 since Version 1.0.3: