WarCraft III Maps by Antistone

Runes of Power

Spend your skill points wisely to customize a hero...
Control the Resurrection Stones for a strategic edge...
Capture the Runes of Power to gain the might you need...
To destroy the enemy altar.


Runes of Power is a WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne custom map.  Each player has the opportunity to spend skill points in customizing his hero with various abilities and bonuses.  Then, two teams battle ach other across the map, controlling  Resurrection Stones to speed the revival of fallen comrades, capturing the Runes of Power to provide strong bonuses to the entire team, and ultimately destroying the enemy altar to win the game.

Once one altar is destroyed, the game automatically assigns new teams and the game starts over. The number of wins is tracked for each player individually, and is used by the game to automatically balance the teams.

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Current Map Version: 1.5
For 2-12 Players (6 or more recommended)
Requires WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne to play

The map features 44 skills which can be used to create customized heroes.





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