WarCraft III Maps by Antistone


Trapped in a deep dungeon filled with deadly perils and fiendish puzzles,  you must depend upon one another to escape...


Current Map Version: Beta 1
For 1-4 Players
Requires WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne to play

Delvers is a multi-player cooperative puzzle game in which you will need to travel between the material world and the spirit world and work with your allies in order to progress.  Developed during 2008 during the Clan TDG Mapathon and featuring contributions from several ingenious mappers, this is an epic map that will demand every ounce of your cunning to fully explore.  See if you can find your way out of the dungeon, and keep an eye out for secrets along the way...

Developed by Antistone, theCHUNK, QuickSmuggler, and Shvegait.


Please send feedback and bug reports to Antistone or post them on the TDG Mapathon Forum