WarCraft III Maps by Antistone

Fantasy Tactics

Hone and combine the skills of many specialists to form the perfect warrior

Battle wave after wave of fierce monsters

Slay your foes faster than the opposing team, and they will soon feel the price of their delay...


Fantasy Tactics is a WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne scenario map wherein each player controls a hero and defends his team's stronghold against many waves of monsters. The sooner either team kills all of the monsters in one wave, the sooner the next wave spawns for both teams. Deprive the opposing team of time to train and recover between waves by killing your foes quickly, and soon your team will be the only one left standing.

A versatile job system inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics allows players to train their heroes in many different jobs, combining select skills from different specializations in many combinations.  Each player can develop a unique fighting style.

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Current Map Version: Alpha Build 22
For 1-10 players in one or two teams
Requires WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne to play

This map is quite playable but not content-complete; only 11 of the planned 21 jobs are so far available.


Combat Jobs


No Requirements

Basic combat hero, entry point for the combat jobs. Squires learn basic skills to increase combat effectiveness which will be useful in any job.


Requires Squire Level 2

A cunning hero, adept at making surprise attacks and disabling opponents. Rogues make good melee support are an excellent counter to enemy spellcasters.


Requires Squire Level 3

A powerful melee combatant and front-line fighter, uses skills to weaken opponents and hold the line.


Requires Rogue Level 2

A long-range support hero, good at taking down enemies from a distance, but frail if engaged directly.


Magic Jobs


No Requirements

Basic magic hero, entry point for the magical jobs. Sorcerers learn basic but effective offensive magic useful in a variety of tactical situations.


Requires Sorcerer Level 2

Elemental magic user, the gateway to the elemental specialists. Channelers can evoke the power of many natural elements to damage and hinder their foes.


Requires Sorcerer Level 3

A master of obscure magics, the wizard specializes in the direct manipulation of the ether, learning to drain and restore mana, banish opponents, and focus magical energies into deadly forces.


Support Jobs


No Requirements

Basic support hero, entry point for the support jobs. Chemists can use powerful Concoctions purchased from the Alchemist Shop to provide healing and other support to allies.


Requires Chemist Level 2

Dedicated healing hero, effective at keeping allies alive. Healers specialize in a variety of healing spells and can instantly revive fallen allies.


Requires Chemist Level 2

Support heroes which use warding magic to protect and empower allies in battle.  A good complement to a wide variety of fighting styles.


Requires Guardian Level 3

A patient hero which can summon various long-lasting wards to aid his allies and hinder his foes. Excellent at supporting large groups.


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Changes in Build 22: