WarCraft III Maps by Antistone

Top Ten Balance Illogics

Watch out when your game designer says...

10.  "It has to be balanced, since there's some way to counter any strategy."
9.  "Maybe it's the best strategy, but people won't usually use it, because it's boring."
8.  "That's obviously unfair, so people won't exploit it in serious play."
7.  "Sure, there's no effective counter to it, but that's why you have to press all those buttons with precise timing in order to activate it."
6.  "...and there's a small, random chance that it does something incredibly powerful!"
5.  "If your opponent knows how to counter this, it's entirely worthless, but if not..."
4.  "...and since it's a free-for-all, if one side is too strong, the others will gang up on him, so it all evens out."
3.  "This class starts out weak, but will be the most powerful by the end of the game!"
2.  "Sure, but most people probably won't think of that."
1.  "It's not unbalanced if everyone can do it."