All creatures who are primarily physical are referred to as men. Of all races, men are renowned for their unprecedented diversity and their tendency towards materialism. Men, perhaps because they inhabit one of the most fundamentally complex of worlds, have always developed the most sophisticated economies, and therefore tend to be more concerned with affluence. This drives them not infrequently to conflict over limited resources.

However, men also tend to have the most short-lived of conflicts, and there are few races among them that have not been both allies and enemies at different times. Still, there are exceptions.  There are no men now alive who remember the days when the Hiphili fought the Zorr, or when the Dechunoi counted the Brengali among their friends.

Some other races have simply declared men inscrutable and given up all hope of understanding their ways. Others see in the study of their actions a window into better understanding the fundamental necessities that drive all civilizations. For their part, most men consider themselves perfectly ordinary and natural; the obvious state of existence.





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All beings who are primarily metaphysical are called spirits.

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Races whose primary mode of existence is psychological are known as mentalics.


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Entities which are primarily psionic are termed memes.

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Beings who are mainly alchemical in nature are considered elementals.




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Entities composed of ravels have been named constructs.

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Creatures whose first nature is dracological are known as dragons.

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Those that have been pulled far enough into Death that all their other aspects are overshadowed by their connection to the necromantic are called either undead or simply Dead, depending on who you talk to. The undead have lost their hold on life, and must prey upon the living in order to keep themselves from being swept away by Death's current. Therefore, they are universally feared and scorned, often times even by each other, for a weak undead makes an appealing target for a stronger one.

As the once-living slip farther into Death and become more estranged from their former life, they slowly lose the faculties and skills they once possessed, until not even their original race is recognizable.  Undead tend to gravitate towards certain distinct forms, which become the closest thing to races in a state of unlife where nothing bears new life and there is no aging, only decay.




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Things which live mainly in the ether, occupying other places as the exception rather than the rule, are known as ethereals. It is thought that the primary way in which new ethereals come into being is through the death of other beings, as it has been observed by necromancers that occasionally, when a Dead thing passes through the ninth gate of Death, an ethereal escapes from their bodies.

Most ethereals are recognizable only as complex concentrations of ether, and they tend to lose persistence and slowly fade into the background with time. Others, however, are believed by wizards to be very old, yet they are still powerful.

Surprisingly, despite being the natural inhabitants of the ether, ethereals tend to have very little of the Gift compared with other beings. However, due to their familiarity with the ether, and usually a good deal of ethereal energy, the average ethereal has more conscious control over the ether than most other creatures.

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