Physics, of course, is patterned after--of all things--the real physical world. In the game, physics encompasses everything from swordsmanship and athletics to stealth to surgery. Herbal doctors are within the realm of physics, as are archers, thieves, trackers, builders, farmers, and blacksmiths.

Obviously, no one becomes a "master of physics" in the sense of being expert in all physical skills. Soldiers strengthen their bodies for combat. Spies and thieves learn to hide themselves in the shadows and make themselves unseen. Tradesmen learn to fashion tools from the raw materials of the earth.

Physics is arguably the most complicated dimension of the game . . . but due to the player's experience, it is also "intuitive."


Do you wish to learn to fence? Talk to my brother; he gives classes regularly. To care for the horses? Speak with the stable master. To build a catapult? Consult the king's siege engineer.

What can I tell you of physics, when you are a man yourself? I dare say that I know a few things that you don't, but you have probably surpassed me in some areas outside my expertise. Am I any more qualified to teach than you? I might have something to tell a spirit or an elemental, but between us, such general questions are only interesting to outsiders.

For some reason, they find it amazing the way that gravity binds us to the earth. They can't fathom the tricks light and shadows play on our eyes. They don't understand how easily we tear up the ground and make plants grow out of it.

But you know what it means to be physical. Why are you wasting my time?