Some people tend to discount the effects of emotions, but this is foolish. Emotions have subtle but powerful effects. What makes one man turn and flee while another fights with his last ounce of strength? Only the inspiration that a great cause can evoke. The flesh is more subject to the emotions of the mind than many would like to believe. No one can say how many wars have been won or lost  by the confidence or doubt of soldiers or officers. More numerous yet are the individual merchants or tradesmen made or broken by the eagerness of others to buy and their own determination to sell.

A masterful psychologist is easily mistaken for a common musician. Music is thought to be the oldest and most universal method for communicating emotions and altering psychological states, and more than a few have been known to make full use of this fact. It is difficult to reason with a song, and harder still to ignore one. A single voice or instrument can make a room full of people see things in a new light.

An understanding of psychology has also been a boon to many leaders. More than one king has lost a throne to discontent, and insight into the emotions of others can help prevent such an occurrence.


Ah, friends, let us enjoy this evening! The night is yet young, and tomorrow shall be a day to remember, shall it not? Though the road be dangerous, we travel ever onward, and we shall reap the glory that grows from the courage we sow.

What was that? Did I catch you with a frown on your face, sir? I will not allow that! Be merry, for your hour approaches.

Listen, I shall sing for you the tale of the great Sir Beman. It is a tale filled with glorious deeds, such as you, sir, may accomplish in the coming days. You remind me much of him. You see, he was rather dour before setting out on his journey as well. I must admit, I don't understand how you can manage such a stolid mood in such great times. You are a marvel, sir! But I do not think you can maintain that face when we set out tomorrow, for the travel washes away such grave expressions in short order.

You would not hear this tale? Oh, sir, you wound me! It is a great tale set to a great musical score, and I am rather fond of playing it. But I do not seek to impose myself upon you. Perhaps you would prefer to hear of the great duel between Kelar and Navaark? No?

Ah, I know! I shall sing for you a tale of the Magi! Did ever such mystery and glory reside within a single being as when one of the Magi makes his mark upon history? No, sir, I insist you hear this tale! It is truly a marvel.

What's this? Have I cracked your scowl into a grin already? I have not even begun! Well, if you are now in the mood to be entertained, listen, and remember how this song made you feel when next you meet your foe upon the battlefield . . .