The metaphysical realm is the world of spirits. In many ways, it is like the physical world. There are gradations between inanimate objects and dumb beasts and cultured, intelligent, civilized beings. Objects are distinct from one another, and exist in spatial relations to each other. The thing about the metaphysical realm, however, is that everything seems a little more fuzzy, and there seem to be more exceptions than rules. This, of course, seems natural to spirits, who find strange the rigid contrasts of the physical world.

Spirits usually lack definite forms, and have a limited ability to shape-shift. They also lack definite boundaries, and tend to flow into one another, such that it is difficult to tell where one person ends and another begins. This makes almost anything that works by separating one thing from another (such as garments which shield one from the cold) virtually worthless, and also blurs the line between a person and his possessions.

Sometimes it is not even clear the number of spirits in a group. Members of councils and organizational bodies often choose to become entwined with one another to further cooperation, as do partners on any long-term venture.

This tendency to blur distinctions at the individual level makes allegiance a more important and concrete thing in the metaphysical realm than it is in the physical. More so than physical ones, metaphysical civilizations can be said to be something like a single entity. Thus spirits are known for having distinct alignments with the metaphysical powers, despite the fact that each one seems to be less distinct than men are.


Ah, you are here . . . in the flesh, as it were. I suppose I am only here in spirit. Moreover, "here" probably does not mean the same thing to me as it does to you.

Interactions between men and spirits have never been straightforward. You have such strange practices, and do not seem to understand ours. I remember one time that a man tried to persuade me that my loyalty was misplaced. Was he trying to convince me to turn "traitor?" I really can't say. The concept isn't the same for us as it is for you. He seemed to draw such a stark and unnatural contrast between me and those with whom I commune. Are we not part of one another?

He seemed to think I was speaking metaphorically. But I suppose one must expect that when my kind are called "metaphysical." It still isn't clear whether the name derives from "physical," or the other way around.

There was another, somewhat humorous incident with a man who seemed obsessed with keeping secrets from me. He kept on taking these physical measures that seemed purposed to block my observation--he would mouth words to others, or turn his back, or go to another room. He seemed to think I was at one precise physical point, or at least observing only one precise physical point, despite the fact that I am not even physical.

In any case, I trust we can dispense with such foolery. If I may, I would recommend one rule of thumb: never trust your instincts or habits to guide you in your interactions with spirits.