The Dechunoi are a singular race in a number of ways. They have been specially marked since the time of Great Magus Avegnor by his prophecy, and this has been a source of both honor and scorn for them. To add to their reputation, they are known to be the most magical race of men in the world, and have produced more than their share of magi (it is even speculated by some that Avegnor himself was a Dechun, but none now live who can say for certain). They are also unique among men in having no alchemical presence, refuting the theory originally held by some that alchemy is simply an extension of the physical. Dechunoi also have no sense of the dracological or psionic, and most have only a slight perception of spirits.

Edevon, the largest and most politically significant Dechun nation, was conquered by the Brengali roughly 300 years before the present day. A few strongholds of Dechun nobles in the countryside escaped notice and serve as a refuge for the remnants of Edevon's government and military. The only remaining Dechun political power is held by the Council of Seers, the government of a small region in the Tathplan Valley known as Velgem, which have escaped war with the Brengali in part because the mountains lining most of their borders are so difficult to cross and in part because their lands are too small to attract much notice.

Thus many of the Dechunoi feel oppressed by the Brengali government, and it is whispered among some that the prophesied magus will reestablish Edevon as a Dechun nation. Others have doubts.


Physically, Dechunoi generally appear very plain. On the average, they tend to be shorter and more slight than most other men, but still possessed  of the general humanoid form. Their skin is typically tan or pale gold, and their hair is frequently a rich green or blue that whitens with age, but some have gold or auburn hair throughout life. To those who can see into the ether, all Dechunoi seem to have a faint aura about them that makes them difficult to see clearly, increasing in intensity with the particular Dechun's aptitude for magic and dimmed slightly in Dechun wizards.

Their tradition of strong familial ties produces a common pattern in most of them that is visible to ravelers, and their history of being ruled by councils rather than kings has left a distinctive expectation in some that authority be distributed, but this is now prominent only in Velgem, as Edevon has not had a council for some time.

To spirits, Dechunoi appear as little more than faint wisps or ghosts--almost as if they were not really there.

Their Ways:

Dechun tradition places great value upon familial ties, and it is common for extended families to share a single abode, especially among the affluent. Though they are shorter-lived than many men, generations tend to be only about 15-20 years apart, and it is not unusual for them to live to see their great grandchildren. To accommodate large families, their homes are large, and are built to last, generally using stone rather than wood. Most Dechun dwellings existing today were laid down by master stoneworkers more than five hundred years ago, when Edevon was in its prime, and are almost always reinfored with magic for endurance, safety, and peace. A village might have less than a dozen such structures, all told, but the larger cities of Edevon contain hundreds.

Places of work, however, are designed to be functional and frequently only expected to last the length of a single Dechun's career, so their workshops and markets are usually made of wood and in the style common to most men. It is these that visitors and outsiders most commonly see.

Historically, the Dechunoi have usually set up councils, rather than monarchs, to rule them. A council usually consists of five to twelve members chosen for their wisdom or resolution, so councilors often begin their service late in life and are not replaced until their death. The Council of Seers in Velgem is something of an anomaly, being composed of forty Dechunoi who have all some understanding of wizardry, which they use to guide their decisions by watching the flow of ether in an attempt to predict, in broad terms, the course of future events. In Velgem, councilors are selected in childhood and spend their youth in study and preparation. It is considered a great honor to serve on the Council, but this practice is considered outlandish by many of the inhabitants of Edevon and even foolish by some. Most Dechunoi actually living in Velgem, however, view it as a wise practice and have difficulty imagining a government unguided by the Sight, as they call the skill of prediction from the ether.

Their aptitude for magic has lead the Dechunoi not only to a greater study of the ether, but also to an increased awareness of nonphysical reality as a whole. While their connection to the metaphysical realm is weak,  the Dechunoi have achieved a greater understanding of and empathy with the spirits than many more likely races of men. Before its fall, Edevon was one of the few places in the physical world where metaphysical experts had prestige, and many of its remaining Dechun inhabitants still hold great respect for the spirits and those who commune with them.

One sect calling themselves Purists have renounced the physical world entirely, considering it nothing more than an illusion born of nonphysical reality.  The Purists are not as outspoken as they once were, since they do not enjoy the good graces of the new Brengali government in Edevon, but can still be easily recognized by their shaven heads and simple white robes. They have never had a particularly large following, however, and most Dechunoi, while maintaining an awareness of other aspects of life, concern themselves primarily with the physical world and the business of daily living.

Avegnor's prophecy, however, is instilled into virtually all Dechun children almost as soon as they master language, and they are watchful and expectant, awaiting the honor promised to their race so long ago. Once, most Dechunoi saw the foretold magus as their race's great gift to the world; today, most see her as their race's savior. Some succumb to pride, and snub all other races, but mysteriously, the Gift for magic seems to bring humility rather than pride to its recipients, so this is uncommon. However, the arrogance of a few is easily visible to outsiders, and has earned them a poor reputation among some, chiefly other men. Therefore, the Dechunoi have always been somewhat isolated among men, and many choose to keep to their own kind.

Their Lore:


Singular: Dechun (DĔCH-ŭn)
Plural: Dechunoi (DĔCH-ŭn-oi)
Adjective: Dechun (DĔCH-ŭn)


Race Type: Men

Physical: Primary
Metaphysical: Weak
Psychological: Medium
Psionic: None
Alchemical: None
Raveling: Medium
Dracological: None
Necromantic: Obtainable
Magical: Strong