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At a Glance

Contains general information and introductory material.

Game Dimensions

This section provides an introduction to each of the game's nine "dimensions" and tried to give an idea of how it would work in the game. Additional, more specific information pertaining to each of these aspects of the game are accessible from the pages.


This section provides information about the various races that populate Aerynth. They are grouped according to the primary "dimension" each of the races occupies (although most races have access to several). This section will only offer detail on intelligent races. Keep in mind that not all intelligent races would necessarily be playable.

Game Mechanics

This section discusses the mechanics of Magi in greater detail, occasionally delving into the mathematics of the game engine.

History & Lore

This section contains information about the world of Magi and its history.


This section contains various information that is either catalogued or fits no where else.

Message Board

A public forum for discussing ideas, asking and answering ques