What is Magi?

What is Magi?

Magi is a hypothetical massively-multiplayer role-playing game (hereafter MMRPG). The game does not exist, is not under development, and in all probability will never exist. This page is not affiliated in any way with any game-producing company of any kind anywhere in the world.

Obviously, the purpose of this page is not to sell you the game. Rather, it is to explore some of the ideas behind an MMRPG, and how to make them better. We will try to build (conceptually, anyway) the best MMRPG ever, from the ground up, utilizing every ounce of creativity and ingenuity we can produce, incorporating every good idea we can come up with.

Once again, though I certainly wouldn't complain if some of these ideas mysteriously showed up in a game or two on the market, I'm operating under the assumption that the game Magi will never actually exist. If you don't want to waste your time on a game that you will never actually play, except in your imagination, then I recommend you go browse another page. However, if you would enjoy dreaming with me, take a look around . . .


Giving Input

Believe it or not, I do have enough space to store all of this information on my computer's hard disk without posting it to the Internet. The reason it is up here is so that other people can see it and respond.

If you just like the idea behind this page in general and would like to say so, I'd love to hear from you. Better yet if you could tell me your favorite part, or the part that you think most needs some work. If you have any ideas of your own that you'd like to contribute, by all means, send them in -- I can't promise that they'll show up on this page (even if they're good, sometimes I may not be able to use them if they create a conflict with some other ideas), but there's a good chance.

If you'd like to write a story or a piece of "lore" for the game yourself, I'd like to read it. Once again, I may not use everything you send, but the purpose for having this page on the Internet is so that as many people as possible can contribute.

Graphics I'm really not picky about, since I'm a terrible artist. The title graphic is the full extent of my abilities. Even if your picture looks nothing like my impression of the thing you're drawing, I'll most likely post it with a caption saying something like "How one artist imagined a _____," so if you're artistically inclined, please send in your work!

The best way to get in touch with me is through email.


If you're still reading this . . .

The next logical place to go for information about game mechanics is the dimensions of gameplay. If you're more interested in the lore, start by reading about the Magi. If you just want to know what's here, take a look at the site map.