The Magi

Any fool can perform magic: the stonemason who draws lines on the earth, the craftsman who spends an hour delicately carving a piece of wood, the mother kissing her child goodnight. Really, magic is an everyday thing.

But few people think of it that way, because every once in a long while, a child is born with the Gift. To these few are given the power to move and shape the ether, to redirect the streams of time, to carve new destinies into the Book of Fate.

These are what ordinary men call Magi.

In game terms, one of the variables that can be altered during character construction is the character's Gift for magic. Unlike most statistics, this value is basically unalterable; it does not increase with practice. The Gift is probably the most expensive advantage that a player can purchase for their character, and a Gift of the magnitude that would earn you the title of "Magi" is unavailable to players (reserved for selected NPCs). However, some player avatars will certainly be better at magic than others.

Great Magus Avegnor -- A great magus who lived long ago, before the War of Ancients ended a golden age of wizardry and magic.  He made a prophecy so long ago of one with a remarkable Gift . . .