Briar Rose in the Forest

This is a limited edition pan cel (no. 439 of 500) from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty (1959) (sequence 8, scene 37) on a Disney photographic background. Briar Rose (a.k.a. Princess Aurora) walks in the forest and tells the animals about the handsome prince she met "once upon a dream".

A limited edition cel is a reproduction of the cel used in the movie. This cel was created in 1992. It is xerographic-lined (enhanced with hand-inked lines) and hand-painted. ("Lined/inked" refers to the first step of tracing in ink the outline of the character onto the cel from the clean up drawing. For this cel, this was accomplished by a six step xerographic process, followed by hand-inked enhancements. The colors were then hand painted.)

A pan cel is an oversized image typically used to pan the camera across during a scene. Sleeping Beauty was one of the widest screen animated features, filmed in Technirama 70, and used larger than normal backgrounds and cels.

Sleeping Beauty took longer to make than any other Disney animated feature. Walt demanded that every frame look like a stand-alone work of art. (This was the last fairy tale to be supervised by Walt.) I love the backgrounds in this movie, the work of Eyvind Earle.

The actual cel size is 12" x 29" (HxW).

(The scanned image of this cel is not from the cel itself, but from a photograph of the cel. It's a rather poor image; the cel is great.)

To see a 1968x768 image, click here.

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