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I spent 9 years at Hewlett-Packard in Silicon Valley and in 1988 I moved to Portland, Oregon and started at Sequent Computer Systems, Inc continuing my Unix kernel hacking. My interest changed to PC software, so I moved to Intel in 1995 where I wrote Microsoft Windows/NT and Java application software until 1997 when I moved to a startup company, Webridge.  In 2005 I did a short stint at WebMD.  Then in 2006 I moved to Thetus.

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Mickey Mouse Head I am a fairly die-hard Disney fan. Learn more than you want to know about my Disney Obsession.

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Everyone's got their own mile long list of favorite Web places. I'll just give you my top pick:

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I was born at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California and raised about 5 miles away in Woodside, CA until I finally attended Stanford as an undergraduate and then a graduate. (My mom did work as a secretary at Stanford, but not until I entered high school.) After graduating, I worked for Hewlett-Packard in Cupertino, CA for 9 years before moving to Portland, Oregon where I worked for Sequent Computers for 7 years, Intel for 2 years,  Webridge for 8 years, WebMD for about a year, and I'm now at Thetus.. 

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