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This is an original production drawing from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast (1991). While Cogsworth & Lumiere are giving Belle a tour of the castle, and just as they think they've distracted her from going into the west wing and are heading towards the library, Belle reconsiders and sneaks off.

This drawing was actually scanned into the computer, and subsequently colored and superimposed onto a scanned background, to make the movie.  In the lower right hand corner is handwritten and circled 13.  A circled number typically indicates that this is a "key" drawing.  (A supervising animator makes drawings at key frames during a character's movement, usually representing the extremes of movement.  The drawings representing the movement between the key frames are done by other animators called "inbetweeners".)  belled13.gif (677 bytes)

The actual drawing paper size is 12-1/2" x 17" (HxW).  The image size is 7" x 6" (HxW).

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