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3/18/01 -- Updates?

I fear I have been remiss in updatign Hydrolysis, and also fear that that may not change in the near future.  There are too many things going on these days.

So, here's the story: the optimal situation would be if I could overhaul the entire site, revise my earlier analyses, greatly expand the tactical index and glossary, catalgoue the reader submissions, and get some new problems written. I don't think I will find the time to do that in the next year, let alone the next week, and I hate the idea of the page sitting here accumulating dust.

So this is what I'm gonig to try to do: I'm going to dump all the old POWs, SOWs, and the only complete POY into an archive folder, and leave it open so anyone can take a look who wants to, but I'm going to stop updating them (anyone who has sent in solution on or before today, March 18, will find them posted, but none after). I'm going to try to take a more structured approach to tactics on this page, since one seems to be needed to further inspire what dutiful readers I have left, and that means I'm still going to need to do a fair amount of writing.  This may take several weeks, but I'll publish incrementally so you can follow my progress, and there will hopefully be something worth looking at by the next weekend.

The gist of the change is going to be that my problems are going to be more detailed, are going to be arranged in something resembling order of depth, so that they can be worked from "easiest" to "hardest," and I'm going to try to impress on people submitting to the page that they need to make a similar effort to be thorough.  The first thing I'll write, though, is the closest thing I can manage to a tutorial explaining how to develop a good solution, and anyone out there who feels that they still can't after reading that can email me with questions and I'll help them hammer out an understanding. I want to set up a system that will at least teach people how to form a complete plan, if not an insightful one, because completeness is the more important of the two.

So browse the new POW solutions if you feel so inclined, and check back in about a week.

3/23/01 -- Progress!

It's been a long time coming, but the promised overhaul to Hydrolysis is finally happening. I've got a new (temporary) introduction written, which isn't particularly novel, but it will serve until Softrazor gets back from out of town.

The first two lessons of B.T.T. are up and running, except for a few extra pictures to help the reading that I'm still working on. They'll be up in a day or two.

In the meantime, take some time to get used to the new site layout, and if you're feeling particularly adventurous, read the B.T.T. lessons and do the exercises. Any solutions you send in I'll post up ASAP.

Welcome to the new Hydrolysis!

3/24/01 -- New BTT Lesson

BTT Lesson Three: Battle Plans is finished, along with another three exercises to go along with it. There will probably only be another two lessons in the BTT curriculum, which I plan on adding over the next several days.

3/27/01 -- Another lesson, class in session

The fourth BTT lesson is on composition, and its pretty short. There's only one exercise to go along with it, although more may be added later.

Also, people have begun doing the exercises. I've added a table on the "Hall of Fame" page that lists submissions by various people.

Those of you who remember the old POWs may recall that we didn't allow people to change their solutions after they were posted. Well, you'll be glad to hear that the policy is being changed. If you get more ideas after looking around, or after reading the comments that Softrazor and I write for your solution, you can submit a revised solution and it will be posted (along with more comments) right below your first one. But make your first one good anyway, because we really don't want to post 20 revised versions up for the basic exercises because someone wants to be fed answers.

The fifth and (probably) final BTT lesson should be up before the weekend.

3/30/01 -- More Stuff

Several more solutions to the BTT exercises have been posted.

BTT lesson five is finished, I think it's the longest one yet. I haven't had time to do the exercises yet, but they should be up some time tomorrow.

3/31/01 -- BTT Course Completed (mostly)

Well, the fifth BTT lesson has a couple of exercises to go along with it now, so the course is basically done. Additional exercises may be added later for those who want more practice.

4/3/01 -- History

Posted A Brief History of Super Soakers, which probably won't interest most of you, but anyone not really familiar with Super Soakers may want to take a look.

4/6/01 -- Role-Playing Game . . . Back!

Those of you who were visiting Water War before the merger (or have been listening to those who were) may recall a Super Soaker Role-Playing Game. Well, it was discontinued long ago, but one of the fans is reviving it! Robert Mercer has set up a new page for the Super Soaker Role-Playing Game, and expects to have games underway (if there is enough interest) in about a week.

Oh, and after much ado, Hydrolysis is joining the Aquatica webring (official acceptance pending).

4/14/01 -- Miscellaneous Updates

The first ATT lesson is up (along with one exercise), the Games & Scenarios section has been reformatted to be mroe in line with the new look of Hydrolysis (red/orange bars for "reference" rather than solid blue), there have been minor additions to the glossary and tactical index, and I noticed that the link to the Super Soaker RPG page that I put in my last news blip didn't correctly close down the invisible frame from this site that plays music, so I fixed it (I think).

5/6/01 -- New Lesson (finally!)

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got the second A.T.T. lesson up (with an exercise to go along with it), and I'm planning to have updates at least every two weeks (hopefully more often) for the season. I still haven't managed to drag Softrazor over here to do an update, but I'll keep bugging him about it and hopefully you'll be hearing from him soon.

There haven't been any solutions sent in recently to the various tactical exercises. Don't forget that if you make a mistake, you're allowed to submit revisions later -- don't be discouraged if your solution has a lot of holes in it to begin with, just keep working on it. And send it in! This site is starting to look like a graveyard there are so few submissions . . . not that this is the first time it has looked like a graveyard . . .

5/20/01 -- Quick Update

A couple of exercise solutions sent in over the past couple weeks have finally been posted. I'm working on the third A.T.T. lesson, but it may be a few days before I can finish it up.

6/20/01 -- No Updates Yet

Hydrolysis is LONG overdue for an update, but I'm afraid we're going to keep everyone waiting a bit longer.  I'm going to be out of town until July 1, and will not have access to my email or to this web site. Softrazor is apparently going to be out of town all summer, although he failed to tell me this before he left and I've had to find out second-hand.

Hopefully there will be an update in the first week of July. I'd really like to post all of the exercise solutions people have been sending in, but I fear I don't have time before I go. Keep sending them in, though, and everything will be posted when I get back.

7/23/01 -- Finally

At long last, an update! Exercise answers that have been sent in are all posted (there were 4, see exercises B1-1, B1-2, and B3-1) . . . someone also sent in some answers to archived P.O.W.s, I had to tell them they were shut down and only on the page for archive purpose.

There's a new ATT lesson up, which is relatively short and pretty simple. I'm very interested to see how people are going to tackle the exercises, but those won't be up until some time tomorrow.

7/24/01 -- New Exercise

Exercise A3-1 is up. Exercise A3-2 is almost ready, I just need to draw up the map. However, it looks like that's not going to be finished until tomorrow . . .

12/21/01 -- Sorry

I'm sorry, but just don't seem to have the time to update this page anymore, as anyone who has checked in the past half-year or so has probably noticed.

I may manage to make some sporadic updates, but I think that this page should officially be considered inactive. There's a lot for me to do, and I never seem to make it far enough down the list to update the site, let alone write original material.

I should manage to post up any new solutions people send in, but I may not be able to comment on them. I've got a lot of solutions from some time ago that I'll try to put up soon . . .

2/18/02 -- Long overdue, but . . .

I've posted various solutions and revisions that have been sitting in my inbox for months (the dates attached to them are the date sof submission, not the date of posting). I have not made comments as I usually do, however. That may happen eventually, but don't hold your breath. If anyone wants to send in more, however, I'll post them. Maybe I should just try to put up a message board and let people critique each others' solutions . . .

Also . . . there may be a major new addition to Hydrolysis this summer (or possibly a bit earlier than that). I'm not sure whether it will work out, but I'll just say that it may become the site's main attraction if it does. It's called "S4."  I'll just let you think about what that might stand for . . .

There are still no plans for new exercises or lessons in the foreseeable future, however.

4/15/02 -- Status Report

S4 is coming along slowly, but it is coming along. I'm still hopeful that it will be ready by summertime. There was a rather humorous development problem involving friction, but it's taken care of . . . mostly.

Also, if you haven't been looking, there was a new B.T.T. exercise solution posted today, and several others posted about two weeks ago. I still haven't gotten to writing critiques, however.