Air-Loading1 -- Term commonly used to describe the process of loading a weapon with a separate pressure chamber, pressurizing the weapon, and then adding more water to the reservoir to replace the water drawn into the pressure chamber while pumping.

Air-Loading2 -- Some people use the term "air-loading" to refer to a different technique where just air is pumped into the pressure chamber of a weapon before loading it. This decreases the amount of water that can be held in the pressure chamber, but also decreases the number of times you need to pump to bring the weapon up to its maximum range. When using this second technique, be sure not to fire off all the pressure from your weapon, or the extra air in the pressure chamber will be released.

Classic Series (CS) -- Unofficial term used to describe the first line of Super Soaker weapons developed by Larami. Weapons from the classic series are often designated only by their number, or with the prefix "SS" (Super Soaker).

Concealment -- Anything that makes it difficult to be seen. Concealment is like a piece of paper: it will keep you hidden, but won't necessarily keep you dry if you are found. Concealment can be enhanced by the use of camouflage.

Constant Pressure System (CPS) -- The third line of Super Soaker weapons developed by Larami. These use an alternate method of storing pressure that causes any water in the pressure chamber to be held at a certain pressure, whether there is a lot of water or very little. This means that the weapon always has the same range and fires at the same speed, whether it is at full pressure or 1/8 pressure. The super charger line also employs a constant pressure system.

Cover -- Anything that will shield you from attack. Cover is like a piece of glass: it will keep water off, but won't necessarily keep you from being seen. Cover is one of the most important tactical elements involved in position choice.
SEE ALSO: Concealment

CPS -- See: Constant Pressure System

CPS 2000 -- The first Super Soaker released in the CPS line, the CPS 2000 boasts incredible water output, but also requires a huge amount of pumping to use. The weapon has been discontinued, and it is believed to be because the weapon was considered too powerful to be safe.
SEE ALSO: Constant Pressure System

CS -- See: Classic Series

Deployment -- Spreading out troops into effective positions and getting them ready for combat. The first step in a tactical plan.
SEE ALSO: BTT Lesson One: Deployment

Dynamic Formation -- See: Formation, Dynamic

Elimination -- A method for simulating "death" in a water fight where players are permanently removed from the game, usually the first time they are shot.
SEE ALSO: Rotation

Everything Water -- Water fight website previously webmastered by Softrazor. Became this site, Hydrolysis, when it merged with Water War.

Extra Power (Series) -- See: Xtra Power

Formation -- The pattern that prescribes the relative positions of soldiers in a small group, usually while that group is moving as a unit.
SEE ALSO: Formation, Dynamic; Formation, Static; BTT Lesson Two: Formation

Formation, Dynamic -- A loosely-defined formation where participants move in a changing pattern.
SEE ALSO: Formation; Formation, Static

Formation, Reactive -- A formation that forms around one or more enemy soldiers and must react to their movements.
SEE ALSO: Formation; ATT Lesson One: Reactive Formations

Formation, Static -- A rigidly-defined formation where participants are locked into a particular pattern.
SEE ALSO: Formation; Formation, Dynamic

Fulcrum (Formation) -- A flexible example of a dynamic formation where an agile, lightly-armed soldier (who is able to dodge effectively) stays between a more heavily-armed soldier, who cannot move as quickly, and any enemies who might try to take advantage of this fact; meanwhile, the heavily-armed soldier provides fire support.
SEE ALSO: Formation; Formation, Dynamic

Hunted President, The -- Water fight game in which one person is designated president, and one team (the bodyguards) attempts to escort the president safely from point A to point B while the other team (the assassins) attempts to shoot the president.
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Larami -- The company responsible for producing Super Soakers, and owners of the domain supersoaker.com

Reactive Formation -- See: Formation, Reactive

Rotation -- A method for simulating "death" in a water fight where players are temporarily removed from the game, usually when they are shot.  Players can reenter the game after meeting a certain criteria, the most common being location (such as, "you must touch this tree") and time (such as, "you must wait until the water on your clothing dries), although some other variants exist.
SEE ALSO: Elimination

SC -- See: Super Charger

Static Formation -- See: Formation, Static

Strategy -- The science and art of military command as applied to the overall planning and conduct of large-scale combat operations.

Super Charger (SC) -- The fourth line of Super Soaker weapons developed by Larami. In addition to using the constant pressure system of the third line, these featured a special mechanism for filling and pressurizing quickly from a special hose attachment.

Super Soaker -- The name given to a line of water guns released by Larami. Super Soakers are the weapons most popularly and widely used for water fights. Each model of Super Soaker has a unique number it is identified by. Four series of Super Soakers were developed: the classic series, xtra power series, constant pressure system series, and super charger series.

Tactics -- The military science that deals with securing objectives set by strategy, espcially the technique of deploying the directing troops, ships, and aircraft in efficient maneuvers against an enemy.

Water War -- Water fight website previously webmastered by Tactician. Became this site, Hydrolysis, when it merged with Everything Water.

Weave (Formation) -- A common dynamic formation which involves three soldiers. Each person, in turn, moves from one end of a horizontal line to the other.
SEE ALSO: Formation; Formation, Dynamic

XP -- See: Xtra Power

Xtra Power (XP) -- The second line of Super Soaker weapons developed by Larami, which quickly replaced the classic series. Distinguished from the