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Basic Tactical Training

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Primer Introduction and lesson plans for Basic Tactical Training
Exercise B1-1: "Chessboard" Deploy troops for a simple skirmish.
Exercise B1-2: "Four Rooms" Deploy troops to defend a flag in the middle room.
Exercise B2-1: "Charge!" Determine a formation for a direct assault!
Exercise B2-2: "Escort" Determine a formation to defend an important shipment of equipment.
Exercise B3-1: "Divergence" Pulled in two directions at once, where do you plan to go?
Exercise B3-2: "Convergence" How will you narrow in on one target?
Exercise B3-3: "Given" Knowing what you do, what will you do about it?
Exercise B4-1: "Created Equal" The battle starts out perfectly even -- where it goes from there is up to you.
Exercise B5-1: "Fundamentals" Can you pull off your plan with a team of one?
Exercise B5-2: "Dead Simple" This simpl