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Basic Tactical Training

Exercise B5-2:
"Dead Simple"

"A great man is always willing to be little."
~ Emerson

<< March 31, 2001 >>

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You briefly look over your armory: a Power Pak, an XP 310, and a classic 25. Not bad --  the other teams only have two weapons each. Of course, most of them have a ltitle bit bigger than yours.

Your only teammate checks the weapons to make sure they're full while you look across the clearing at the other three teams, just out of weapons range, each with two people. The one on your left has a CPS 3200 and an XXP 175, the one on your right has a CPS 1500 and a SC 600, and the one across from you has a Monster XL and an XP 90. On each team, one person is the commander, and the other is the bodyguard. The bodyguard is invincible; but if the commander gets hit, the team loses, and both are removed.

You, of course, are the commander.

"OK!" you call out, "Let's get started!"

Determine a complete tactical plan (deployment, formation, and battle plans as appropriate) to five layers of depth.

If you would like your plan posted on this page and evaluated, send it in by email. If you would like an evaluation by email instead of on this page, or wish to remain anonymous, please say so.

<< March 3, 2001 >>

I would run down the path right behind me for about 50 yards. If the other teams decide to duke it out we would just wait for them to destroy each other. If one team wants to go after us we would fire off a couple of shots at them and then run to another hiding place, shoot and then keep repeating the process until the commander is hit.


This is five layers of depth?

<< October 10, 2001 >>

First, I would say, "When I say 'march' we're going to start. 3, 2, 1 MARCH!" Then my partner and I would run as fast as we could down the trail behind us. I would be armed with the SS 25 and the XP 310 and my partner with the Power Pak. No matter what happens, we will run down to the little "room" at the end of our trail.

If an enemy team follows us while we go down the trail, I will try and dodge the streams and jump into the woods to hind behind a thick tree. My partner will be firing back. I noticed that none of the other enemies' arsenals had weapons like the Power Pak or Splashzooka, were you don't have to pump. So, we will fire when they are pumping. However, it is possible that they might not fire at the same time. It is possible that they will fire in turns, i.e. I fire, I pump, and you fire while I pump, ect. Then my Power Pak would just mow them down. Eventually, the commander would get hit and the team would be eliminated.

I'd say that there is a 50/50 chance that everyone will play defense. If this is the case, it is likely that one team will destroy another team fighting over the rooms. So, that will leave only two enemy teams.

The red team -or some other team- might go down the trail that is behind the red squad and meet at the intersection of "our" trails. Then we will be the ones fighting over the rooms as mentioned above!! We will probably hear them coming down the trail, and they will probably hear us. I will go in the woods to my left and to the intersection and snipe out one of them and my Power Pak will take out the rest of them. Of course, I will be using the natural cover provided in the woods to shield me from the badies fire.

Now, no matter what happens (unless I some how die) we will end up in the room at the end of our trail. From here, we will play defense for about 20 minutes, hoping that the enemies will duke it out and only one team is remaining.

After 20 minutes, we will scout around keeping our eyes and ears open and always looking for cover. When we find the enemy, we will follow the basic rules of engagement that are described in the paragraph below:

If we find them in the open (on a trail or in the woods) we will pretty much just hide me behind a large tree and shoot the enemy utilizing the Power Pak. If they are in the room, my Power Pak will distract them while I sneak close to the back wall and fire over the top of the wall that the enemies and beat them from the rear.

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!! I win...

~Sapper (Spartan Federation)

<< April 15, 2002 >>

I would have my body gaurd armed with the power pac. We would both leg it down the path and when it went round the bend we would go into the wooods. I would hide up a tree and let my gaurd go along until he faces up the path to where the red team starts. I would dash over into the woods and when the reds came down i would shoot them from behind.I would then let the rest of the battle exterminate themselves or hide in the woods until they came.

By CraZy ChrIs

This is five layers of depth?