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Basic Tactical Training

Exercise B5-1:

"Education is hanging around until you've caught on."
~ Robert Frost

<< March 31, 2001 >>

b5-1map.jpg (41894 bytes)

Free-for-all, single-hit permanent elimination. It's going to be a pretty quick game today. Last survivor wins.

You grab one of the provided XP 105's, the only weapon on the battlefield today, and take a quick look at the map. It's a pretty big battlefield for only ten people, but with no teams they'll need a lot of space. Finding a good position on the map, you move off quickly to await the signal to start. You glance at your watch -- only two minutes till it begins . . .

Determine a complete tactical plan (deployment, formation, and battle plans as appropriate) to three layers of depth.

If you would like your plan posted on this page and evaluated, send it in by email. If you would like an evaluation by email instead of on this page, or wish to remain anonymous, please say so.