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Basic Tactical Training

Exercise B3-3:

"I would be truly blind if I did no have vision."
~ Helen Keller

<< March 24, 2001 >>

b3-3map.jpg (12826 bytes)

Your scout bursts throught the only door, quickly slams it shut behind himself, and stands there gasping for a moment.

"What happened?" you ask, rushing up.

"They're right behind me!" he says. "About a dozen of them, armed with CPS weapons."

You look around briefly, and motion for everyone's attention. "Listen up! The enemy's going to come through that door in about 30 seconds. This is what we're going to do . . ."

Determine your battle plan using the deployment indicated by the map.

If you would like your battle plan posted on this page and evaluated, send it in by email. If you would like an evaluation by email instead of on this page, or wish to remain anonymous, please say so.

<< March 29, 2001 >>

Judging by the map, the door is 10 feet wide. I am also assuming that the opposing team does not know what weapons or how many men I have. If this is not correct, please tell me so I can revise my solution.

I would first switch the position of the power pack and the XXP 175 so the power is evenly distributed throughout the room. Next, I would instruct the CPS weapons to stay out of site.

When the enemy rushes in, I would simply fight them from the cover of the barricades. When they need to re-pump (which happens fast with the CPS line) I would take advantage of the long pumping time and send my CPS weapons to the front line to devastate the enemy.

~Rob Mercer

You're only supposed to develop a BATTLE PLAN. Switching the XXP 175 and the Power Pak is DEPLOYMENT. But that's not really critical to your solution.

The main problem here is that the enemies are simply not going to begin pumping at the same time. There's a big difference in firing time between, for example, the CPS 2000 and the CPS 3000 (the latter can fire about ten times as long). Also, not all of them will be firing constantly, nor will they all start firing at the same time. If there's about a dozen of them, then you can expect at least a few of them to be ready to fire at all times.

Also, the pumping time for a CPS weapon can be a while, but its probably not long enough for your CPS-wielders to sprint up 20 feet (or so) to the front lines. They'll see you coming, and they'll be ready.

Now, because you've got those barricades, you may still carry the day. But I don't see how holding the CPS weapons back is going to help you at all.