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Basic Tactical Training

Exercise B3-2:

"Their greatest strength, the Clan love for individual battle, blinds them to tactics such as these. Watch and see!"
~ Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht, Terra, 25 Feb 3052

<< March 24, 2001 >>

b3-2map.jpg (10938 bytes)

You rush into the room just in time to see the enemy you've been pursuing step into the next and close the door. You shoulder your CPS 1700 and pause a moment to catch your breath before you pick up your walkie-talkie.

"I just chased a guy carrying an XP 105 into the center room," you say as you press the talk button. "Report in."

"My guy went in with an XP 65," one person reports.

"The one I was chasing had a CPS 3000. I'm amazed he could move that fast!"

"I saw one go in with an XP 250."

You consider for a moment. "Can anyone see inside? This door's closed."

There is a quick round of "nays" from your teammates. They seem to be in similar situations.

"All right, we've got them surrounded," you say into the walkie-talkie. "Here's what we'll do . . ."

Determine your battle plan using the deployment indicated by the map.

If you would like your battle plan posted on this page and evaluated, send it in by email. If you would like an evaluation by email instead of on this page, or wish to remain anonymous, please say so.

<< March 24, 2001 >>

Well, it could be the same person, but with several weapons, or they could be trying to lure us into a trap. So, we will all stand close to the walls that have doors on them. When they run out, we can blast them in the back!

(Spartan Federation)

I don't think the chances of it being the same person are very good, but that doesn't really have much bearing on your plan. If each of the enemies went back out the same way they came in, this plan would probably work very well. However, there are two things that could go wrong:

First, if they can afford to wait longer than you. If they're waiting for you to come in, and you're waiting for them to come out, you haven't really won, you just have a stalemate. Depending on the situation, this may or may not be a good thing for you.

Second, because your forces are divided, the enemy could gain an advantage if all four of them went out the same door. Even ambushing them, it is doubtful you could defeat all four of them (maybe if you were playing one-hit elimination and they weren't ready, but I think they'd be expecting an attack, since they were chased in). Because the enemy has seen each of your troops, they know what weapon each of them have, so they could choose to fight whoever they want (they'd probably take the guy with the SC 400, which is the least powerful of those four weapons).

<< March 29, 2001 >>

What I would do in this situation would be to have the XP 105, the SC 400 and myself charge into the center room and force the 4 enemy troops through the door leading to the CPS 2500. This way, a crossfire would be established and the enemy wouldn't have a chance.

~Rob Mercer

There is no WAY you are going to get them through that door! First of all, they are probably entrenched behind the barricades. Secondly, if only three of your troops charge, they outnumber you. Third, they already KNOW that there's a guy with a 2500 behind that door, so that's the last place they're going to run!

And even if you did get them to go in, the four of them could make a concerted attack and easily overpower the 2500, probably before you caught up and could join the fight. The CPS 2500 only has a few seconds of firing time before he has to repump -- that is simply not enough firepower to stop a four-man charge.