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Basic Tactical Training

Exercise B3-1:

"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs."
~ Henry Ford

<< March 24, 2001 >>

b3-1map.jpg (27816 bytes)

You hear a shout to your left and spin around to look, only to find the defenders guarding the west door under attack by three enemies.

You are about to rush to help, when you hear another shout to your right. Fearing the worst, you turn around again, and find that the north door is also under attack.

Your mind races. Something has to be done, and fast. You swing into action . . .

Determine your battle plan using the deployment indicated by the map.

If you would like your battle plan posted on this page and evaluated, send it in by email. If you would like an evaluation by email instead of on this page, or wish to remain anonymous, please say so.

<< March 29, 2001 >>

I would keep running back and forth to the north and west doors firing concentrated volleys at the monster and CPS 2000. I am assuming that there are no water sources near by so when one of the members of my team runs out or water, I would replace him.

~Rob Mercer

Running back and forth doesn't sound at all practical. In addition to the fact that you would become tired quite quickly, after one or two passes the enemy would expect you, and be ready for you, and would make it very difficult for you to hit them at all without being soaked.

Because you'll spend more time (probably) running back and forth than actually fighting, you're not helping either side nearly as much as you could if you stayed with them. I don't think you'd have much impact on the battle at all.

<< May 20, 2001 >>

First I would wait until I get a clear shot at the monster, then if still possible take out the sc400. At that point, even with the sc400 still in the game, my troops with the xp90 and cps2500 could take care of them selves for a little while. Then I would try to take out the xp310 by surprise, and run towards the xxp175, at which point we would both take out the cps2000, me on the right of the barricade, xxp175 to the left. After a quick shot we would run back behind the barricade and run towards the sc500. (the xp65 would probably be taken out by my teams sc600 guy.) Hopefully if the sc400 was taken out in the first place, we would all attack the enemy with the sc500 (with 4 people now there it would be pritty easy). If not then I would order the xp90 and cps 2500 to take out the sc400, while I would order the xxp175 to take out the sc500 (i would probably be out of pressure and still be pumping at that point). Then me and the xxp 175 would return to the sc600 and wait there.


You would be out of pressure and pumping WAY before that point.

Since I didn't specify the rules for eliminating enemies in this exercise, it is not necessarily unreasonable to assume one way or the other, but please make your assumption clear. Because you keep talking about "taking out" enemies, I take it you have a one-hit elimination in mind. If that is the case, waiting to get a good shot at the Monster seems to me to be a very dangerous move. First of all, judging by the relative distances on the map, I don't think it's going to happen. He would probably have to back up and swing around to your side, which doesn't seem very likely.  In the mean time, your forces are fighting the enemy at a 2 to 3 disadvantage and with inferior firepower.

The main problem, then, with this solution, is that it doesn't take into account the possibility of taking any casualties yourself. Thinking that you five could take out all six enemies without getting hit would be ridiculous even if you had the best plan I've ever seen. You may as well wait for all six enemies to accidentally drop their guns at once or for the CPS 2000 to be destroyed by a lightning bolt; anticipate that luck won't always be in your favor.

<< June 20, 2001 >>

I am assuming that this is a one-hit elimination game, so here is my plan.

First of all, I would the northwesterly bush, then head to the bush nearest the CPS 2000. (CPS 2000 bush)  On the way to the second bush, I would shoot the XP 65. Teams even, I head to the CPS 2000 bush. Since he is attacking, his back is most likey turned away from the bush so I attack.

Where I realise where this will go wrong is the XP 65 will scream that he was hit, blowing my cover. So if that happens, I don't head towards the CPS 2000's bush, but attack the XP 310. Hoping that I hit him, the CPS 2000 will most likely head towards me and attack. While he is attacking, I run in a Zig zag motion. I do this beacause the CPS 2000 has only 4 shots before the tank is empty. When his tank is empty, I attack him.

He is most likely hit, so I retrive my scouts behind the north barricade, and head west to attack the other three enemys, the SC 400, SC 500 and Monster. However, this may go wrong. The CPS 2000 might call reinforcements ( the Westerly attackers) to attack me. So the I call reinforcements, my Westerly scouts, and tell my SC 600 scout to go and cover the west end, and have the XXP 175 cover the west end, so my team can still attack the enemy while protecting the doors.

~ Rocky Khasow

I notice that in all the scenarios you've outlined, you always assume that you manage to personally eliminate two enemies before anyone starts shooting at you. Frankly, I'm a bit skeptical of this. If the enemy isn't terribly well trained, then if you did manage to get behind them, you'd have a good shot at getting at least one -- however, you aren't behind them yet.  You've got to dart across a patch of open ground into the northwest forest, which gives all six enemies a chance to see you, and if any of them do, they'll probably call out a warning, and there goes your surprise attack. If you do make it that far, you're merely to the side of the enemy, not to their back -- you could probably easily get behind them, but you'd have to run in a wide arc, and that could potentially waste a lot of time. By the time you get to the enemy to attack them, you should be able to take out at least one or two before they start shooting (2 only if they're in fairly tight formation and you're pretty good), but the battle could be over.

At any rate, if you shoot the XP 65 on your way to the other patch of forest, the enemy will definitely be ready for you by the time you come back out of it, which means at best you're dealing with both the 2000 and the 310. Now, you would have them in a pincer attack -- if your defenders are smart, they'll rush up and strike the moment both attackers are firing at you -- so they'll have to either divide their attention, or put enough distance between themselves and your base to keep their backs safe, so if you and your allies can get better organized than the enemy in a smaller amount of time, you've got them -- but you're likely to lose at least one man in the skirmish, and since you're alone, it'll probably be you. The XXP 275 you're using is about as heavy as the 2000, and with the 310 laying down cover fire while the 2000 attacks (or vice versa) you'd better do a lot better than run in zigzags.

Your plan to dispatch the last three attackers is a bit vague, some more detail would be nice. Also, I notice that any time you say that your plan may go wrong, you ONLY talk about what you do if it does -- you don't finish describing how things would work out if they went as you hoped. Anticipating that the enemy will do better than you'd like is good, but you're still only ready for one plan of action, with no contingencies -- but you'll get an opportunity to work on that in lesson 5.