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Basic Tactical Training

Exercise B2-2:

"Vision is the art of seeing things invisible."
~ Jonathan Swift

<< March 23, 2001 >>

One of the more outspoken soldiers hails you as you approach the convoy, but you take a quick look around before responding.

You frown. "This is it?"

The same person nods his head vigorously. "Nothing heavy. We've got to get through fast."

"We're not going fast with that load in the wheelbarrow," you point out. "We may as well take the heavy weapons with us."

He seems to consider this for a moment, then concedes. "All right. That gives us a bit more firepower, at least."

You take a quick survey. "We can use any of the equipment, right?"

He nods once again. "Yes. But we need to have a reasonable amount of water left when we get to the base, or this won't do much good."

"Fair enough."  You take a quick count of your troops -- ten, yourself included. "Are we expecting someone to help push the wheelbarrow?"

"No," your informer answers, "we've got to manage that ourselves. One person can probably manage it, but only at a slow walk. With two we might be able to step it up to a jog. Too bad we can't do more people, but there are only two handholds. We could have other people carry more equipment."

"Not if we want them to fight, we can't," you point out.

He frowns. "If you say so. Here's a list of our supplies."

You take the paper he holds out and look quickly down the list. Eight XXP 175s, six XXP 275s, five each of XP 105s and XP 110s, three CPS 2500s, three CPS 1000s, two XP 35s, and a classic series 25. And some large amount of water in various watertight containers. Quite a load.

"All right, we'd better hurry up and get going, we don't want to give the enemy any more time to set up an ambush than necessary. Remember, our base really needs these supplies, and in a hurry. Here's our formation . . ."

Determine the formation of your troops only. It is not required to submit a battle plan, but be sure to indicate your reasoning.

If you would like your formation posted on this page and evaluated, send it in by email. If you would like an evaluation by email instead of on this page, or wish to remain anonymous, please say so.

<< March 29, 2001 >>

We will have two guys pulling the wheel barral. They will be un armed and in the center. The rest of the [armed] team will be moving around them in a counter-clockwise direction. The compact and powerful weapons (me & the two XXP-175's) are up front to porvide lot's of power. The rest of the people are to gaurd the wheel barral, except the rear CPS 1000 and XP 110 (right). These are to guard the CPS 2500, which is also gaurding the wheel barral. See the picture for more information.

b2-2smap1.jpg (8277 bytes)

(Spartan Federation)

First of all, you do realize that if your formation is rotating, you and the 175's won't stay at the front, don't you? At whatever moment you get attacked, the circle may have rotated any amount (and I assume it will continue to rotate), so bunching together people for power isn't going to work very well (it wouldn't have worked very well anyway, as a matter of fact, because you might not be attacked from the front). Also, I'm not sure how well the 110 and 1000 will be able to guard the 2500 while you're moving in a circle.

Having your troops arranged in a circle might not be a bad idea, but I don't think rotating the circle is going to work very well. First of all, it will be difficult to stay in formation while the center of the circle (the wheelbarrow) is moving, because they won't actually be moving in circles, they'll be following a spiraling line. Also, it sounds pretty tiring, and possibly a little dizzying. I don't think your troops will exactly be in perfect fighting form if you get attacked.

<< May 20, 2001 >>

First I would order two troops with xp 105s to scout ahead. then a legion of four to cover our tail in two row column line. They would be about 10ft. Behind the wheelbarrow and there arsenal would include: classic series and the rest would have the CPS 1000. Two unarmed men would push the wheelbarrow. Myself and the other remaining man both with 2500s will guard each side.

Providence Militia

Well, I'm not sure what you mean by "two row column line," but apparently those four soldiers are in the back.  The first thing I'm noticing is that aside from the scouts, there's no one in front of the wheelbarrow. While there are several possible reasons you might want to do this (for example, because you want to make sure no one gets in the way, or because you hope to trap anyone who attacks from the front in a pincer attack by calling the scouts down on their rear guard) you MUST explain why you do something like that.

While you're at it, you should also talk a bit more about those scouts -- chiefly, why are you sending two? Will they stay together or separate? What do they do if they encounter enemies? How exactly do they fit into your formation?

Also, I noticed that you've decided to use a static formation. Since dynamic formations are the standard, you always ought to explain why you're doing something different.

However, the thing that most puzzles me is giving one of your soldiers in the back the CS 25. Are you aware that this is a tiny, low-powered weapon? The trend with the rest of your soldiers seems to be to go with CPS weapons around the wheelbarrow, so this is very confusing. It may also be worth questioning your weapon selection, but we'll save that until you get to A.T.T. where I actually start talking about it in the lessons.

<< August 9, 2001 >>

Well the two scout are checking in bushes, and the forest on either side of the road so they would alert us if any forces were coming so that two men from the back could come up and defend. Myself and the other man from the side could also help defend but stay in our positons in case it was a all out ambush. Now two row coulmn line means in a coulmn, a square if you will.

Providence Militia