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Basic Tactical Training

Exercise B2-1:

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
~ Emerson

<< March 23, 2001 >>

b2-1map.jpg (36991 bytes)

You peer out of the bushes and take a good, long look at the enemy base. An opponent looks your way, but fails to see you. You note that he is using an XXP 275, just like the other five defenders. You're outnumbered, but the defenders are spread out, and you've got the element of surprise.

You look back at your three comrades, armed with an XP 35, an SC 600, and a CPS 2500. You smile as you pick up your XXP 175.

"Everyone ready to attack?" you ask. "I think I've got a great formation worked out . . ."

Determine the formation of your troops only. It is not required to submit a battle plan, but be sure to indicate your reasoning.

If you would like your formation posted on this page and evaluated, send it in by email. If you would like an evaluation by email instead of on this page, or wish to remain anonymous, please say so.

<< March 26, 2001 >>

I think we should have me in the front, the SS 35 on my left flank (a few feet behind me), the SC 600 on my right flank, and the CPS 2500 in the back, behind both of the flanks. The SS 35 needs to be closest to the CPS 2500, since, they will probably be shooting at the CPS 2500 (you said it yourself that they will fire at the big guns), the SS 35 can distract them. The SC 600 and I are functioning as the grunts, so we will be the actual people fighting.

(Spartan Federation)

This looks like a solid formation, and would probably see you through the fight, but there are a couple of things that concern me. Firstly, you're using a static formation, which could be a very dangerous liabilty, especially if the enemy manages to organize quickly and make a concerted attack. Secondly, while your desire to protect the CPS 2500 is admirable, tying the XP 35 (it is an XP, not one of the original Super Soakers, by the way) to the rear of a static formation sacrifices a LOT of mobility that it would have had otherwise.

One of the chief problems with static formations is that the speed of the formation is only as fast as the speed of its slowest component (probably the 2500 in this case), but with such a variety of weapon sizes, that's going to be a major detriment to your effectiveness. You should try to use a dynamic formation.

<< March 28, 2001 >>

Have the XP 35 in front of the CPS 2500. This will make the enemy have to attack the XP 35 before they can attack the CPS 2500. The SC 600 and I will change places about every 15 seconds. So, the formation would end up looking like: b2-1smap1.jpg (3886 bytes)

(Spartan Federation)

This looks like its designed to draw attention away from the CPS 2500, which is a good idea. The person using it will have to be careful not to hit you or the SC 600 while you move back and forth, but I doubt that will be too challenging for him.

However, it still looks like the XP 35 is static relative to the CPS 2500, and I'm not really sure why that is. Even just giving him a small bubble to move around in would be a benefit, so he can at least feint at any enemies who try to go around him. You don't necessarily want him to move back to guard the 2500, because it would open up a gap in your formation where he used to be, but this formation is only going to do well as long as no one gets behind it. If you get caught in a pincer attack (admittedly not a very likely occurrence), I think your formation's going to fall apart.

<< March 27, 2001 >>

A good formation for this skirmish would be the weave. Three of the men could weave and fire random volleys while the guy with the CPS could sneak to the side and make a charge.

~Rob Mercer

I think that would work REALLY well . . . against the first defender. After that, you're probably going to run into some problems.

The reason for this is that the three-man weave will probably distract the first defender for the CPS 2500 to absolutely drench him. After that, the defenders rushing up from a distance will see you coming, and will see the 2500, and will not be surprised.

Then you run into the problem that the weave cannot move or turn very quickly, because people have to run back and forth a lot, detracting from their ability to maneuver in other ways. These are good weapons for a weave, and if the enemy remains disorganized long enough that they fight you head-on without trying anything fancy, you might finish them off even without a lot of help from the 2500, but you'd better keep your fingers crossed.