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Advanced Tactical Training

Exercise A2-1:
"Breaking Lines"

"Together we shall save our planet or together we shall perish in its flames."
~ John F. Kennedy

<< May 6, 2001 >>

It was about the bleakest battlefield you've ever seen -- just flat ground; no trees, no bushes, no barricades. Only about 30 feet wide and 90 feet long. Your team faces the enemy across an empty space.

The rules were fairly simple: whichever side backed off the battlefield lost. If neither side ran, then as soon as one person tagged someone of the other team, the battle ended and whichever team was wetter lost. You weren't exactly sure how they determined which side was wetter, but you'd heard they had a fairly accurate method.

Your team consisted of ten people (yourself included), and your arsenal consisted of an XP 35, XP 90, XP 105, XP 310, SC 600, XP 250, CPS 1000, CPS 2000, CPS 2500, and CPS 3200. The enemy team also had ten people, armed with an XP 65, XP 70, XP 110, SC 500, XXP 175, XXP 275, CPS 1200, CPS 1700, CPS 2700, and CPS 3000.

You motion for quiet among your forces. "Pay close attention," you tell them, "I think I've got a way for us to win this . . ."

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