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TF Map Ideas

Anyone has permission to use any of these ideas, but first please email me and tell me you're going to, so that I don't make an effectively duplicate map. I'll also send you ideas for some of the specifics.


Deep Dungeon

Simple map, you go from your own small base, across a hilly, craggy battlefield, into the opponents' base, spiral up a small mountain, grab the flag, go back to your own base, take it up your hill, and capture it.

Did I mention you have to do this in complete darkness?


Four Elements

In ancient days, people believed that there were four basic elements of nature: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. There is a maximum of four teams in a TF map . . . .



Based on Isaac Asimov's science fiction novel FOUNDATION, this map would have one team with very limited resources (foundation) against one of the four surrounding provinces. Although the foundation would appear to be at a disadvantage, they can develope certain ideas (such as the power of religion and trade) which can ma