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Metharism is a fantasy, open-ended, human-gamemastered role-playing game. This page has been set up as an information bank about Metharism for new and old players alike. If you need some basic questions answered about RPGs, go to the Introduction.

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News Archive

July 19, 2000 -- Due to a lack of time on my part that anyone who has been checking in on this site may have noticed, and a lack of interest that suggests that that list is very short, I've decided that I'm not going to gamemaster Metharism over the Internet. Instead, I'm going to make this page a reference for anyone interested in starting their own game, either over the Internet or with their real-life friends. I've added a new section for the Gamemaster's eyes only that will help you get the game going, but feel free to change the game around for your own use as you see fit. Of course, I'm not done yet.

I'll try to get around to reformatting the equipment at some point, but right now I'm mostly concerned with getting as much information up here as possible. There should be frequent updates in the next few weeks, so be sure to check back.

July 30, 2000 -- Corrected an error in race description for Aurq from "ability to swim underwater" to "ability to breath underwater."

Game Information

Game Development Stage: Create World's Points of Interest

Click here to download a zip file containing printable Microsoft Word reference sheets.


Races Magic Character Generation Equipment

Development Checklist

check.jpg (979 bytes) Determine Principles of Game's Operation
check.jpg (979 bytes) Create Races
check.jpg (979 bytes) Determine Magic System
65% Create Spells List
check.jpg (979 bytes) Determine Character Generation System
check.jpg (979 bytes) Generate Equipment List
5% Create World Map
1% Create World's Points of Interest


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This web page is maintained by Tactician, who coincidentally also created Metharism.  He should be contacted with any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.