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Session #2:

Kill the Scientist

The players went back to the city. They wanted to contact Sergeant Monar, but the HPG was closed for the night, so they went back to their hotel room. Upon entering, they were greeted by two dark-hooded figures, clothed in black.

"Hello. We're with the KSF," began one of them, as they drew their basges, "We're here by direction of Sergeant Monar to take possession of the silver artifact you found."

Ever suspicious, Jack replied, "Sorry. We didn't find anything."

The black figure repeated his request. "Give it to us."

"No, really," Jack repeated, earnestly, "We didn't find anything."

"I suppose we'll have to tell you about the new lie-detector KSF developed."

"What!?" Jack exclaimed as the hooded figure held out a gloved hand with a small device. On the device Jack found a voice input and several lights, as well as an on/off switch. He reached out and took, intent on disproving its legitimacy.

"One plus one equals three," he stated. The "false" light blinked on.

"Two plus two equals four," he stated. The "true" light blinked on.

"Jon Clay is cool," he stated, restraining laughter. The "opinion" light he hadn't seen before winked on.

Sighing, he turned to his comrades, "It's legit, guys."

"So you see," said the black figure, "You have to give it to us."

"Look," Jack started, "We're not giving it to you. Wait till tomorrow so we can contact the Sergeant and confirm this."

"I'm afraid we can't do that," the figure responded dispassionately, "our flight leaves shortly."

"I said, we're not giving it to you."

The figure held up his hand again, empty this time, and snapped. The door burst open and 10 black-clad figures entered with SMGs leveled at the players.

Chiding himself again, Jack finally agreed to hand over the device. However, the black-robed figures weren't done yet.

"Now," they said, "we have another mission for you."