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The Heirs of Terra

This page is being dedicated to keeping you up-to-date about a MechWarrior scenario in progress, entitled The Heirs of Terra. I realize that most people probably don't care at all, but I figured that I could do it just in case--you never know, someone might want an idea of how a MechWarrior scenario might run!

Getting to the point, there's just one thing I need to ask of you--make sure that none of the players find this page, OK? It would be inappropriate for them to know the title befoer the scenario is done, and I'm also thinking about putting up some sneak-peeks at future sessions. So whatever you do, make sure that Jason Lennert, Jon Clay, and Joseph Taylor remain totally ignorant about the existence of this page, or I'll have to take it down.

Miscellaneous Info:

Background Information

Current Status


Sessions played so far:

Session #1: Hunt for Technology

Session #2: Kill the Scientist


Sessions coming up:

Session #3: Fight for Terra</