Why Disney?

Photo of Walt DisneyMany people ask me this question, but it's frequently phrased differently, as in: "Why don't you grow up / get a life / get psychological help?"

Partly, Disney movies & parks remind me of good childhood memories. Partly, I'm a real kid at heart. And partly, I admire Walt Disney and what he accomplished: He actually instantiated imagination as (virtual) reality. He never accepted "it can't be done". He proved you could be successful while focusing on the good and pleasant aspects of life & people, rather than dishing up the dark side. (Let me insert here that I'm well aware that Walt Disney was not a saint and that his company, increasingly of late, has chosen to dabble in the darker side of entertainment.)  To gain an understanding of how Walt affected people, I heartily recommend reading Remembering Walt: Favorite Memories of Walt Disney by Howard Green and Amy Boothe Green.

Disney is good fantasy, so real you can taste it. (But unreal enough that you don't get fat!)

People who visit my office at work ask me: "Is there any Disney thing you don't own?" Since I still have some money left, the answer must be "yes".

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