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If I've had significant personal dealings with a gallery, I note that. Otherwise, refer you to their web page (if any) for general information about the gallery.

Vintage Ink & Paint

Restoration, authentication, appraisal, and sales. Their web page is a great place to learn about animation art. Steve Worth is very active in the Internet animation art community. He's willingly answered several questions for me via email.

The Animation Company (nee I.P.C. Animation Company)

In 1996 I purchased several pieces from Tom Doyle.  At the time he had the lowest prices around. No storefront; phone only.  I haven't had any contact with them in recent years and believe they've had a possible change of ownership.

Animation Art Classics

Brenda Schaffer has done appraisals for me and willingly answered several questions.

Gremlin Animation

Steven Grossfeld also moderates the CELMAIL mailing list, a free weekly Internet publication by and for cel collectors.

First Animation Art

John Cairns and Wanda Lunn have a long history associated first with Gallery Lainzberg and then Fine Toon Gallery.  Knowledgeable and helpful.

Toon City

A gallery with a very enjoyable themed site. "Please beware of falling objects. Management is not responsible for Toon related injuries."

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Animation Art Gallery

Animation & Fine Art Galleries

American Royal Arts

Animation Celection

Animation Art Resources

Cartoon Factory 

The Animation Artshop

Rainbo Animation Art

Animation Art Auction Houses

Auction houses hold periodic auctions of animated art. Buying at auction can result in higher, or lower, than market prices. Bidding can be done by phone, FAX, and (in some cases) email. (You can also attend the auction, of course.) Several of the web pages below have general discussions (and in one case a simulation) of the auction process.

Subscribing to auction catalogs is informative and fun. (Catalogs are mailed out a few weeks before the auction and include pictures, descriptions, and anticipated sales price ranges. After the auction, final sales prices are available so you can effectively keep abreast of what art exists and what it sells for. This allows you to gauge gallery prices.)

I have not personally purchased animation art at auction (yet).

If I've had significant personal dealings with an auction house, I note that. Otherwise, refer you to their web page (if any) for general information about the auction house..


Founded in 1766. The original animation art auction house. (The first real animation art auction was held here.) You can subscribe to receive their animation art auction catalogs as they come out. Christie's auctions off much more than just animation art.


Founded in 1744. One of the original animation art auction houses. Sotheby's auctions off much more than just animation art. You can subscribe to receive their animation art auction catalogs as they come out. Their main location is New York, but they are also in London and Australia.

Creative Moments

20929 Ventura Blvd., Suite 23, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. 818-888-5095

Howard Lowery

Howard Lowery focuses on just animation art (I believe) and is well respected in the animation art community.
3818 W. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505. 818-972-9080


I haven't personally bought or sold through Sterling. Some who have sold through them have complaints. You can read about it in the CELMAIL Archives (search for "Sterling"). (CELMAIL is an Internet mailing list of cel collectors & galleries.)

S/R Laboratories Animation Art WebCenter

More than an auction house, also a gallery with restoration & appraisal services. Ron Stark writes a very helpful, regular column called Tech Talk in Collectors' Showcase magazine (subscriptions: 1-800-477-2524).

Animation Celection

Also a gallery.

Animation Art Creators

Disney Stores

You can buy sericels and limited edtions from Disney Stores. They also occasionally sell TV production artwork.

Warner Brothers Studio Stores

Like Disney, they offer sericels, limited editions, and TV production artwork.

Learn more about my Disney Obsession and, in particular, collecting animation art.

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